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Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Poker Gaming Destination of Malaysia, Borneo

The World Series of Poker (WPT) is a poker tournament that has been going for years now. Malaysia’s most popular and long-standing multi-game poker venue, Genting, is known for its steady performance when it comes to hosting international events. Recently however, Genting has decided to try something new and be more competitive by introducing an exciting new poker tournament. The first of these, the “Malaysian Poker Classic”, has proven to be an incredible success not only in Malaysia but also around the world. Below are some of the pros and cons of poker gambling in Malaysia and Genting, the preferred destination for poker tournaments.

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Is Location Good for Poker? – Yes, Genting is a very suitable venue for poker games, especially considering its stable and expanding local casino industry. The area surrounding Genting, which includes Putra, is well connected to other major casinos and poker rooms in Malaysia like those in Klang and JBongkran. It is also conveniently situated close to major air carriers, business establishments, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. By staying at one of the many luxurious hotels in and around Genting, you can be assured of an easy and hassle free way of travelling to and from your preferred gaming locations.

History of Poker in Genting – Although there are several poker rooms in Genting, it is the long history of the famous Putra and its association with the British Masters that makes this place so ideal for poker games. In the mid 1980’s, Putra was converted into a full-fledged casino with the opening of its own restaurant, bars, and lounge. A year later, the casino started to host the world cup, an event that propelled Putra to worldwide recognition and popularity. After the concert, poker enthusiasts flocked to the gambling hall to try their luck at the tables; and soon enough, Genting became known as the home of the first poker table in Malaysia.

A Lot of Poker in Genting – If you are planning on visiting the world genting highlands in Malaysia, you should definitely include a visit to the many poker rooms scattered around the local city. These are not the typical casino type of poker where you sit down and get beaten by the dealers. No, instead, these poker tables are fast-paced affairs where players move from table to table in just a matter of minutes. Players need to be quick while making decisions and playing their hand, depending on how the cards fall in the deal. This fast-paced play keeps players interested and entertained in a way that regular casino poker games simply can’t deliver.

Another reason why people love to play in the many poker rooms in the local casinos in the world genting highlands is because the payout is huge. If you are lucky, you can easily walk away with five figures (Malaysian ringgits), and if you aren’t so lucky, you can walk away with ten or twenty-five (Malaysian ringgits). If you win, then expect to walk away with nothing more than your winnings, unless you get lucky and hit a certain number of cards. It’s easy to earn money in the game, but you have to know when to quit. Most of the poker rooms in the game allow players to leave after a certain amount of time, which makes it easy for the gamers to keep going until they get what they want from the game.

Poker in Borneo – The next best thing that you can do when visiting the world genting highlands is to play poker. If you are looking to experience the excitement of a casino without the hassle, then playing in the casinos in Borneo is for you. There are hundreds of poker rooms in Borneo where you can play against other international players, or engage in a one-on-one battle in hopes of defeating your opponents and take home the jackpot. Although there is no actual gambling at these casinos, you still have to be careful because the hurricane may be hitting the island any moment now.

Hurricane Season – The last thing that you should do when visiting Malaysia, Borneo, or anywhere else in the world is to get excited about the upcoming hurricane season. Because there is always a possibility of a hurricane hitting the place, especially during its active stages, you have to be prepared to face all kinds of weather conditions. If there is going to be a hurricane hitting the place anytime soon, then it will surely be accompanied by a hurricane storm. In order to prepare yourself, you have to go through hurricane drills that the government has set up. The aim of these drills is to make the people of Borneo understand what the hurricane season would look like and what preparations they should do in order to avoid being devastated by the fierce winds, heavy rains, and flooding.

Treasure Bay Casino – A second reason why visiting the Treasure Bay Casino in Malays Lumpur, Malaysia is such a great idea. Treasure Bay Casino is not just another casino in this part of the world. This is a true seaside resort with all-inclusive deals and great food options. The gaming floor is simply flat out stacked with cards and stacks of money. While there are no slot machines inside Treasure Bay Casino, you will nonetheless find plenty of games of chance here that you can choose from, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and keno.