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Is Gambling allowed in Malaysia?

Ever wondered is gambling allowed in Malaysia? Well, the law is pretty straightforward; no gambling is permitted in Malaysia. Unfortunately there are so many other foreign and local casinos, which have come to take advantage of this relaxed atmosphere. Recently the Malaysian Government introduced two alternatives to addressing the ever increasing problem of gambling in this country. These are both very drastic measures that have been brought into consultation.

The first option for the Malaysian government is to completely ban all gambling services. This would obviously include all the existing casinos and all the casinos that have been built since 1997. They will also exclude all the people and companies involved in the construction, development and management of these gambling facilities. Obviously this is a fairly radical solution to a seemingly desperate issue.

The second option is to drastically increase the size of the Malaysia Gaming Commission. Currently there are only 32 casinos in all of Malaysia, spread across various regions. Of course this makes it difficult for tourists to visit some of the more popular casinos in the cities. The best part of this is that all this will be taking place under the strict supervision of the Malaysian government.

Obviously the increase in regulation is a positive sign for the tourist industry. Increased regulation equals better consumer protection and safety standards. However, the increased size of the commission does not really help the tourist industry as much as it might have. The additional regulation may actually hurt the tourism industry in Malaysia, as many of the new casinos mean more tourist competition.

A third alternative is for the Malaysian government to completely scrap the entire gamblers’ act which currently exists in the country. They could do this by making amendments to the existing gambling laws in Malaysia or even making an entirely new act. Either way the government officials would then be in charge of any new gambling businesses, and could limit the number of gaming establishments from which they would allow licenses. The down side to this is that all of the current gambling laws in Malaysia would suddenly disappear, and there would be nothing stopping any new gambling company from opening up in the future.

Currently the consultation meeting is being held between the Malaysian Gaming Council and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Both have expressed a willingness to hold a consultative meeting involving any interested parties. Hopefully this meeting will bring about changes to the existing gambling laws in Malaysia allowing online casino Malaysia to open up and grow freely. If not then things might look up at a later date. This meeting is also supposed to determine if there is a need for additional consultations with other government ministries and non-profit organizations regarding online gambling.

Over the past couple of years many people have lost their jobs and had to cut their hours at their job due to the economic situation. Many people have also found it difficult to make ends meet financially and in some cases people have even had to take out a loan just so they could afford to keep paying for the monthly poker rooms. These conditions have made many people over time lose money betting on online casino games. It is now hoped that this consultative meeting will help to get these financial problems under control and help Malayans to have more opportunities to make profits and back their lives on the money that they earn from gambling.

The problem with illegal gambling in Malaysia is that the government officials who are supposed to be in charge of enforcing the law, do not seem to be as effective as they should be. There is an increasing amount of corruption within the Malaysian gambling industry, and many officials have been caught accepting bribes in the past few months. With all the problems within Malaysia right now it is hard to see how the government officials are going to be successful in stopping this growing problem within the online gambling industry. This is why many people are now turning towards the legal gambling sites to try and earn a little extra money on the side.