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Enjoy Your Stay at the Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia

There are many reasons why people come to Malaysia and visit the Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia. Some come for gambling, some come for a holiday and some just want to enjoy their stay in a very comfortable accommodation. This hotel has all that you could ever ask for in a luxury accommodation. The staff at the Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia are very friendly and very hospitable. They provide everything from an excellent breakfast to mouth watering snacks to their guests during their stay. They also offer an exciting range of evening entertainment.

genting casino hotel malaysia

The Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia is located in Jalan International Airport. There are twenty-two hotels in total in the complex, which includes two hotels that are part of the VIP complex. There are also five casinos in total in the Genting Casino Hotel to choose from. They include the normal casino, VIP casino, corporate casino, family casinos and only special casino. All of them attracts different guests depending on their likes and dislikes and offers its own different games to play.

The main attractions of the Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia include their special casino games which are very popular among the tourists and locals. These include slots, craps, blackjack, roulette and table games. These games are available all year round except for the winter months when the normal slots and roulette games are not available due to the winter seasons.

The hotel has its very own indoor swimming pool that is heated and has a beach side restaurant that offers a variety of local and international dishes to eat all year round. The guests can even have a romantic dinner here under the stars. The hotel also has a gymnasium, where the guests can workout. Most of the equipments are available for rent here.

The Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia is also known for its high quality slot machines that offer a variety of games to the players. The slots machines here are of the highest quality and are known for their huge jackpots. The slots here have pictures of famous celebrities as well as the name and picture of the game that is being played here. Some of the famous slots games are Badugi, Lucky Cat and Ringingbell. While playing these games, the player can win a cash prize as well. The players can win more money if they beat the jackpot amount by increasing their bets.

Guests do not have to worry about the food being available here. The hotel serves all the guests with delicious traditional Malaysian meals that are both tasty and healthy. All the dishes are prepared by the expert chefs and the guests are offered a special light lunch along with the dinner. The guests can order for a bottle of wine as well.

The Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia also has many gaming stations for the guests. These include video arcades, billiard tables and slots. There is a variety of gambling games available here such as Bingo, Raffle, Roulette and Skateboard. All the gaming stations are fully furnished with lights, music system and television screens.

Guests can avail the special offers and discounts offered by this hotel if they book their rooms in advance. The rooms here have all the modern facilities such as telephone, internet, television, DVD and a personal computer. The hotel has been having a successful tenure in operation and it is considered as one of the best hotels in Malaysia. It has earned a lot of loyal customers since its inception and continues to be a favorite among tourists. Thus, it is one of the most preferred hotels in Malaysia.